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A place for healing through dance, fitness and spirituality.

A Message from the Founder

I started UMSRA because I wanted to create a space for people to heal & connect with their influential energy.

This vision began after I experienced depression and a lack of self love for most of my teenage life to early adulthood. I was overweight, didn’t listen to my emotional needs, and attracted people and situations in my life that reflected my inner world.

It wasn’t until I decided to heal myself physically and spiritually that my life took a complete turn. Dance was my therapy, fitness gave me strength and together they helped me lose all the weight.

But I knew that wasn’t enough.

I needed to find my true self.

And this is where my spiritual journey began. This path not only helped me see my own limited beliefs & toxic patterns , but it also reminded me that I am an energy that is constantly changing.

You know the phrase ‘be the energy you want to attract’? Well UMSRA is that place for you.


Arshiya Bhan

The UMSRA Elements



With our UMSRA workouts we don’t focus on just the destination. We focus on the process of getting there.

The ultimate transformation is when you make the decision to not only get fit, but also to heal your body, and to love your body in the present moment.

Our workouts go further and deeper into setting an intention behind why you are choosing to workout. This makes the workout even more effective because you are using your body as a tool – rather than defining yourself as the body.


Dance & Movement

If you are someone that doesn’t like cardio, don’t worry. We have something for you too!

Our YIN Goddess Workout gives you a chance to connect with your divine feminine energy. With this energy, you are connecting with your Sacral chakra which focuses on pleasure, creativity, sensuality & harnessing your inner power.

We feel these emotions through free flow body movement, dance and yoga for an epic Goddess workout.



Spirituality is knowing there is something bigger than ourselves. This knowing comes from understanding that you are connected with everyone and everyone is connected with you and the universe.

When you begin your spiritual journey, you start to look for answers from within by doing shadow work and cleansing your own divine masculine and feminine energy.  As you cleanse both these energies together, you learn to take accountability of your own actions, question your limited beliefs and toxic patterns.

By keeping Spirituality as our main mission, we combine meditation at the end of our services to help you connect with your higher self.

Why Umsra?

  • Award Winning Brand
  • Focus is not just Fitness, it’s wellness & spirituality as a whole
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Dance & Fitness programs with meditation for your spiritual growth & inner healing
  • Music is curated to maximize your energy and engagement while offering you a high intensity workout
  • Private FB group to interact with other members
  • Whatsapp group with 24/7 support

Frequently  Asked Questions

You Might be Asking…

How much space do I need?

The amount of space you need can be as little as 36 square feet.

I'm a beginner - can I still do the 1:1 sessions?

Absolutely! These sessions are catered to your needs. When you fill out the consultation form, we will have a call for 30 minutes to discuss further about your goals and what exactly you are looking for.

How does the schedule work for the 1:1 session?

The sessions are 4 days a week & happen via Google meet. The timing depends on your schedule. Please note I don’t take any clients beyond 5pm.

Does your 1:1 include a meal plan?

No. But I offer recommendations of what types of food to include in your diet & which to eliminate.

Do I need any special equipment?

It depends on what your goals are. If you are looking to lose weight, we will only focus on HIIT cardio. But if you’re looking to tone, we have options between body weight & using actual weights for weight training.

I am not a dancer - can I still do the YIN workout?

Absolutely! The goal with this program is not about technicality. It’s about connecting your emotions with your body & the music & working out at the same time.

How does the YIN Program work?

You get 4 live classes per month. Each month focuses on a theme to help you stay connected with your divine feminine energy & help you with your spiritual growth through meditation and journal prompt. There will be 3 workout classes, and the last class will be choreography based to celebrate womanhood and the theme of the month.

I haven't meditated before. I am nervous to try it out.

Don’t be! Meditation is one of the best ways to relax your mind and become aware of your surroundings. The goal with meditation isn’t to stop your thoughts. It’s to not let your thoughts get to you. We practice this with affirmations to help your mind think of new believes and patterns.

Do you offer your services anywhere else?

Yes! We are always open to collaborating. Please see our contact us page for more info.

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