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About us


Symbol of Wellness

       UMSRA is a wellness brand with a mission to help people tap into their influential energy using our 3 tools and 3 elements.



Our programs use Dance, Fitness, and Spirituality as the elements to give you an effective workout, & to help build your connection with your higher self through spiritual work.


Our workouts are creative, unique & intentionally choreographed to the beat of the music. This includes cardio, HIIT training, & muscular conditioning


This element is all about movement. We combine movement based workout, & simple dance moves to add flavor to the workout routine


After a sweaty workout,  it’s time for a cool down. Here we focus on inner healing with meditation, affirmations, journaling, & over all spiritual growth


Umsra programs use the Mind, Body & Speech as the tools to help deepen the connection with oneself & feel powerful not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well


Working out isn’t enough. Your body is a complex machine. It’s important to consciously set an intention with your body before working out. This makes the workout more effective



Umsra workouts help navigate through your constant thoughts and focus on how you really want to feel



This is all about affirmations. They help the subconscious mind to start thinking of new beliefs and patterns to help reduce anxiety. We use this during our workouts and meditation session

Our Founder

Arshiya Bhan

Arshiya Bhan is an Artist, Fitness & Spiritual Life Coach, & a Tedx Speaker. She started Umsra after going through her own battle of anxiety, depression, being over weight, and having limited beliefs about herself.  Even after loosing all the weight, she knew deep down there is a deeper meaning of transformation that just loosing weight. Dance was her therapy, Fitness gave her strength, but it was only when she decided to bring the element of Spirituality into her life that her inner world began to heal.

Since then, she has been on a mission to transform people’s lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She has been featured on TEDx,  became a co-author of a bestselling book  where she spoke about UMSRA and was recognized as a women making exceptional difference in the world amongst 50 other inspiring women. She has also won an award for her brand, and was celebrated as an outstanding women in the Health & Fitness category in Toronto and  was crowned as a second runner up for Miss India World Wide Canada in 2019.